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The ultimate measure of economy is the number of miles that can be squeezed from a gallon of gasoline or diesel fuel. MPG BOOSTER or DIESEL BOOSTER can give up to 100 extra miles for every tank of treated fuel. If your vehicle gets 25 miles per gallon you can save up to 4 gallons or more every time you fill up!  The higher fuel prices go, the more money you save!

We have been saving people money at the pump since 1987.
MPG BOOSTER and DIESEL BOOSTER Provide Immediate Results for your vehicle. Your Benefits Start With Mile One And Continue To Reward You With Regular Usage. MPG BOOSTER and DIESEL BOOSTER are super concentrated blends of hydrocarbons designed to increase the fuel’s performance and reduce emissions.

Your immediate results will be increased mileage per gallon, substantially reduced emissions, increased power, increased vehicle performance, a cleaner fuel system, and substantial fuel cost reductions.

HPP's products are very powerful mileage boosters and emission reduction formulas.
The gas additives and diesel additives you see in stores are retail grade products. Weak and inefficient. They don’t increase mileage.

One four-ounce bottle of MPG BOOSTER or DIESEL BOOSTER will treat up to 160 gallons of fuel or about 10 to 12 tanks for the average passanger vehicle and save over $50 due to increased mileage per gallon.

NHRA product of the year

The NHRA presented MPG BOOSTER the Best New Product of the year at the Puerto Rico Classic Car Show on Saturday, June 29, 2008. The award was presented to Mr. Harry Negron by Mr. Antonio Garriga President and Founder of the Automobile History Museum of Puerto Rico.

MPG Booster

MPG BOOSTER and DIESEL BOOSTER are commercial grade formulas guaranteed to increase mileage, increase performance and reduce emissions.
If any product claims to treat gasoline and diesel fuel it is probably a simple inexpensive solvent.
Gasoline and diesel fuel ignite differently. They require different additive formulations that are specifically designed to increase mileage and performance while reducing emissions.
MPG Booster is formulated for gasoline and Diesel Booster is formulated for diesel fuel.
Both formulations are top tier additives that produce exceptional results.

100% Guaranteed

High Performance Plus additives are 100% guaranteed.
If you are not happy with your increase in mileage and your money saved we will refund the purchase price.

High Performance Plus additives are extremely concentrated and very powerful formulas that increase mileage by causing a more complete fuel burn at the spark on the power stroke.
A small 4 ounce bottle will treat up to 160 gallons of fuel.
A guaranteed 10% increase in mileage will be like getting a minimum of 16 extra gallons of fuel.
If you pay $2 a gallon for gas a 4 ounce bottle will save you $32. MPG Boosters are your ZERO COST solution!

Limousine and Chartered Transportation Magazine August 1, 2008
Do Fuel Saving Products Actually Work?
......we tend to see new products on the market that claim to save fuel. Some brag about boosting your fuel economy up to 20% or more. LCT Magazine decided to put a few of these products to the test.

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